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The Market is situated right in the middle of the town, in Market Square!  Directions to Market Square, Waltham Abbey  using GPS: use postcode EN9 1DP this should get you there. The market stands where Church Street and Sun Street meet to form Market Square.

The market is operated by Waltham Abbey Town Council.  Casual traders are charged at £30 per day for the first month regardless of size.  Market stall space £10 per foot per month [contract rate] includes 4 days holiday and winter discounts. WATC Market stall [6 feet by 4 feet table top] £30 per day [subject to availability]. WATC Market space [6 feet] £25 per day.

The standard rate for contracted trading at Waltham Abbey with your own stall is highly competitive. Contracted trader incentives include security of pitch position, time-off for holidays and sickness and winter discounts. Waltham Abbey Town Council offers a number of covered 6 feet stalls at the cost of £30 per day – subject to availability. Casual traders are welcome to take advantage of the short-term incentives being offered (Minimum £25 when using own stall).   

Proof of Public Liability Insurance is required before trading. In the interests of all existing traders Waltham Abbey Town Council operates a policy of not promoting the duplication of products being offered by stalls but the Market Manager will be able to advise you in individual cases.

For new traders look up the National Market Traders Federation web site for further advice and insurance information. Parking is off site, there are many free parking sites on Saturday’s and long term parking sites on Tuesday are affordable [currently  £2.80 per day]. Between 1 November and 31 December new traders are required to pay two weeks basic rent in advance.

Within walking distance of the market there is the Abbey itself which is worth a look around. There is the Epping Forest District Museum in Sun Street which has free admission. There is also The Lea Valley Parks which are picturesque with an abundance of wildlife!

Epping Forest is on our doorstep full of beauty and charm click here for more info. After visiting the market, a trip to the Royal GunPowder Mills  might be the order of the day and again,  close to the market!

For more information go to Waltham Abbey Tourist Information Centre 2/4 Highbridge Street  Waltham Abbey  Essex  EN9 1DG  Tel: 01992 660336  Email: tic@walthamabbey-tc.gov.uk